Theme parks in the Gold Coast 2023

Gold Coast theme parks are brimming with excitement and you can dial it up for a completely action-packed adventure or dial it down for quiet family fun with flare. Great for a big day out! Here’s our take on the parks, let’s get into it.

Tiger Island, Dreamworld at the Gold Coast.
Image by Artysteph from Pixabay


Get your trainers on and get running over to Dreamworld, an iconic Aussie theme park and zoo located at the Gold Coast, Queensland – where the major theme is fun!

Set over 85 hectares of cool, tropical parklands, Dreamworld offers some of the best rides and entertainment that could ever be hoped for.

It’s a great family fun day out!

For some, theme parks are all about what rides are on offer.

The big-ticket thrill rides to keep an eye out for include ‘Pandamonium’ and ‘Tail Spin’. Other great theme park rides include ‘Escape from Madagascar’ and ‘Shockwave’.

There’s all the excitement of Sky Voyager, Skadoosh Bumper Cars, and The Giant Drop (there are reports that it is Australia’s highest).

Perhaps leave the picnic basket at home and try one of the great eateries located at Dreamworld. Barrels Burger Bar has fresh, delicious gourmet burgers and more. The Sandwich Shop has everything that opens and shuts from the world of super fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads and a generous selection of hot and cold drinks. Those who are convinced the world is powered by coffee will revel in Green Bean Coffee Company. This piece of Dreamworld paradise has freshly brewed Byron Bay Coffee on offer in air-conditioned comfort.

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation brings you Tiger Island Adventures. The big cats at Dreamworld are ambassadors for their species and offer an amazing glimpse into the world of these striped jungle cats. If nothing is done, these big cats may vanish from the face of the earth in just ten years. Dreamworld is a major contributor to the global effort to save the tiger in the wild. Funds raised from this education and preservation project are helping protect and preserve tigers in the wild and Australian animals including bilbies.

Dreamworld is reported as having a high satisfaction rate from visitors and is one of Australia’s most visited theme parks.

Winter school holidays are a total blast at Dreamworld with the arrival of Winterfest. It’s a winter wonderland with ice skating, tobogganing and the deliciously anticipated Winterfest pop up food stall with warming European treats for young and old.

Simply scroll for trading hours for these great Gold Coast theme parks.

Next on theme parks in the Gold Coast 2023 – Seaworld and Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast.

Seaworld on the Gold Coast

Sea World on the Gold Coast is a great theme park where guests can learn about aquatic animals in a fun, interactive environment. The park brings together a vast array of marine life including seals.

One of Sea World’s biggest drawcards is the dolphins’ habitat. Sea World on the Gold Coast features the only permanent display of dolphins in Australia. Aside from dolphins, Seaworld also has a penguin habitat where visitors can be face-to-face with the penguins. In addition to dolphins and penguins, Seaworld also features a variety of other marine life including stingrays, turtles and fish.
Sea World on the Gold Coast is a great place for children to learn about special animals like the awe-inspiring polar bear.

There’s so much to see and do at Seaworld. From the moment you arrive, you’re immersed in the underwater world of marine animals. Seaworld is packed with great marine animal attractions and shows. There’s no end of fun for your family to enjoy together.

Sea World on the Gold Coast has a great selection of dining venues including Lakeside Cafe, Dockside Tavern and Pizza Shack, to name a few.
Visitors to Sea World on the Gold Coast may wish to consider reserving a room at the Sea World Resort. Staying at the resort is a terrific option for visitors who would like to spend a few days enjoying Sea World’s many attractions. The rooms are spacious and well appointed and some accommodate up to five people including infants.

Seaworld is located right next to Dreamworld in case you are trying to break a personal record for most theme parks visited in the one big day out!

Warner Brothers Movie World

Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast is jam-packed with movie-making magic, action and adventure just a stone’s throw from one of the most beautiful coastlines in the galaxy. Your ticket to adventure includes a spectacular variety of attractions including indoor and outdoor movie-themed rides, shows and entertainment. Rest assured that whatever your speed there’s something for everyone at Warner Brothers Movie World.

The park features must-see shows like Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 which is a high octane thrill a minute! Finely tuned off-street machines meet extreme precision driving, comedy, action and movie making wizardry all rolled into the one dynamite show. You are there on the movie set as the director and crew film the latest movie blockbuster!

You never know who you might meet on Main Street at Warner Brothers Movie World…some lucky visitors might get a chance to see Wonder Woman who is always ready to fight for right and take down trouble. Main Street also plays host to the amazing Streets Star Parade. It’s a cavalcade of colour as Warner Brothers characters sing and dance their way into some of your most special social media moments.

There’s so much to see and do at Warner Brothers Movie World. The park features a variety of rides such as Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation based on the famous cartoons created by Hanna-Barbera. Other rides include Wild West Falls Adventure Ride which is a trip back in time along flowing waters. If you are feeling brave, you can follow the rollercoaster trail. You can get your picture taken on Superman Escape where you can be launched from zero to 100kph in just two split seconds! For peak coaster goodness there’s the DC Rivals HyperCoaster, which is the tallest, longest and fastest such coaster in the southern hemisphere!

Another great aspect of Warner Brothers Movie World is the free parking, which allows guests to enjoy a day out without the stress of dealing with traffic.

Visit one or all three of these theme parks in the Gold Coast – adventure awaits!

Dreamworld – Dreamworld Parkway at Coomera, Gold Coast. Trading daily.

Seaworld – Seaworld Drive at Main Beach, Gold Coast. Trading daily from 9.30am – 5pm.

Warner Brothers Movie World – Pacific Motorway Oxenford Gold Coast. Trading daily from 9.30am – 5pm.

Health and safety
Health and safety are always important whether at home or out and about. Please travel safely and refer to all health and safety information when visiting the Gold Coast. Thanks for reading our review of theme parks in the Gold Coast 2023. Comments welcome below.

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