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August 2021: Read on for our first-hand reviews of Airbnb experiences, quality stays, great dining, shopping and activities for discerning travellers.

Circle On Cavill

Circle On Cavill at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast is a half-billion dollar development that was officially launched in 2007. It is a premium destination for people travelling for recreation and business.

The good news is there are high-quality Airbnb experiences available at Circle On Cavill with a selection of bookings available online via the Airbnb website.

Circle On Cavill – Host Q Stay

One of my Airbnb experiences was based at Circle On Cavill thanks to the host, Q Stay. It was easy to find and book this one-bedroom apartment via Airbnb. As the host, Q Stay sent me some welcome info providing valuable information about my impending visit.

It’s worth noting the occasions that pleasantly surprise and delight. When the Airbnb host phones and offers a free upgrade to a nicer apartment on a high floor the response is, most assuredly and advisedly, “Thank you”.

Collecting the key was simply a matter of attending Q Stay’s office and providing my ordinary identification. The staff at Q Stay are friendly and professional. They were happy to impart their knowledge of the local area, recommending Broadbeach for dining experiences. I generally find locals are friendly in a neighbourly way and full of great ideas for visitors.

I catch the turbo lift to my high floor apartment and it’s surprising how swiftly and quietly these elevators are travelling nowadays. There’s something special about arriving at a scrupulously clean, contemporary apartment with the air conditioning already running and all the modern conveniences at one’s fingertips. This apartment is in Tower 2, the same tower that is playing host to Mantra Circle On Cavill.

The vistas from these lodgings are simply spectacular, with views of the surf rolling in along the Gold Coast beaches, as well as the canals and waterways that are part of this area’s charm.

One morning I awoke to the sight of a single hot air balloon drifting over the city next to a brilliant disc of a full moon. The balloon melts into the hinterland while early morning rowers cut drills along the Nerang River. At this particular time, the sky is busy with the calls of sulphur-crested cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets, friendly local inhabitants. The rainbow lorikeets are nice neighbours to have at Circle on Cavill, surveying the world from this apartment’s balcony railing with good-natured chirrups and chirps.

Meanwhile, indoors is the lap of luxury and simple living. This particular apartment has all the modern conveniences and creature comforts that anyone could wish for. There’s a full kitchen and laundry, with all appliances as new and in good working order. Much may be said in favour of continuous innovation. In the absence of a clothes horse, I dry my clothes on the plastic chairs. This place is perfectly kitted for telecommuting when on duty, and kicking back when off duty. There’s a full-sized desk with a comfortable chair. The wifi is free and super swift with hardly any glitches. In this day and age that’s saying something.

One of the features of this particular apartment that really surprises and delights is the quality of the pillow menu. Anyone who has ever travelled will have their views about what constitutes a five-star pillow menu. Based on all my travels around the place, it’s pleasing to be able to report that this apartment is raising the bar, as it is replete with a six-star pillow menu.

Circle on Cavill is brimming with activities including a fully stocked gymnasium, swimming pool and sauna. This is a luxury haven in one of Australia’s most treasured holiday destinations and as far as Airbnb experiences go it’s first class.

Whether visiting the Gold Coast for business or a getaway, this is one of the finest places to be.

Circle On Cavill. 9 Ferny Avenue Surfers Paradise.

Blueys Beers and Burgers

Blueys at Circle on Cavill is an absolute gem of a find for anyone out and about enjoying the Gold Coast. Its New York-inspired menu makes for a vibrant, friendly place that is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch and any time. From my perspective of best restaurants Gold Coast, it’s the sort of place that becomes a regular haunt, and I’ll tell you why.

After a discussion with the friendly staff at Blueys Beer and Burgers, I initially decided to try a B&E. The order reveals a super fresh milk bun with double bacon centre stage. There’s one of the world’s most perfectly fried eggs with a majestically runny yolk and more goodness besides. Perched beside a triple shot of coffee for many this would fall into the category of the breakfast of champions. I have discovered along the way that some eateries are also prepared to consider small adjustments to orders, for instance, a burger egg cooked ‘easy over’.

If you prefer, the menu at Blueys Cavill is cram-packed with a cornucopia of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan offerings. Blueys Cavill has an avo smash with tasty marinated fetta and spiced dukkah that forms part of their breakfast menu. As you can see from the photo, it’s a generous serving of the avocado on two substantial slices of sourdough bread. This dish is also just the ticket for an excellent late lunch. It’s well worth noting the attention to detail on the dishes from this restaurant. For instance, the avo smash is topped with sprigs of fresh herbs which add to the flavour palette of the finished dish.

About the coffee. What coffee it is. Blueys Cavill is offering ethically sourced, craft roasted beans from local coffee masters, Adore. It makes for a super-smooth brew, thoughtfully prepared by Blueys friendly and professional staff. It is the sort of coffee that you, dear reader, may easily build a good day’s work upon.

A couple of visits in and I discover that Blueys Beer and Burgers is the home of some truly skilled burger ninjas. One particular day I decide to dine alfresco and order a classic burger for lunch, add bacon. What arrives is a super fresh milk bun generously filled with a perfectly cooked, tasty beef burger patty, freshly shredded iceberg lettuce and more besides. The bacon is crisp and adds a dimension to the flavour that I was looking for on the day. There’s also a generous serving of freshly cooked shoestring fries. The truffle mayo on the burger is totally brilliant and elevates this substantial lunch to the next level. Blueys is also offering food and drink combos at great prices – a recipe for good times.

Editor’s update September 12, 2021: The Brooklyn Classic burger, ordered from the new menu at Blueys Cavill, features a bigger, handmade beef patty that seems to me to be charbroiled to absolute perfection. This Brooklyn Classic is served on a smashingly fresh milk bun and is bursting with flavour. There’s a very generous serving of tasty, super fresh salad, pickles, and Spanish onion. As well, it’s plumped with classic American cheese and Blueys special sauce. Burger Paradise!

This eatery is providing its customers with the best of all worlds. For instance, you can dine alfresco and enjoy the sensational Gold Coast weather, the friendly calls of the passing rainbow lorikeets and the good vibes. There is a thoughtfully arranged selection of outdoor seating configurations including comfy chairs. Customers may also dine in, enjoy the ambience, and there’s the takeaway. Their Facebook page promises there is all-day dining, all-day breakfast and all-day burgers. In particular, I noticed there’s a steady flow of returning customers to Blueys Beer and Burgers which is a testament to the quality of the menu, the friendly service and the venue.

Blueys Cavill is offering top quality fare made by great local people who are putting a lot of thought and care into their service, their recipes and the quality of the ingredients.

Blueys Beer and Burgers. Circle on Cavill. Shop T12, 3184 Surfers Paradise Blvd Surfers Paradise QLD 4217. To book a table or place an order, phone 07 5620 0220. Dine-in or takeaway.

Nicely Occupied rating ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Royal Dynasty Restaurant

There are days during Airbnb experiences when high-quality Chinese cuisine beckons. The Royal Dynasty Restaurant found at the Circle On Cavill shopping complex requires little introduction for Gold Coast locals. This venerable restaurant, offering authentic Chinese cuisine, is the talk of the town. On this business trip, today requires a takeaway.

This 2021 independent review considers three dishes – chicken and cashew, fillet steak in black pepper sauce which is one of the house signature dishes, plus special fried rice. I would first like to make mention of the friendly and professional service at this restaurant. What it is to be greeted warmly by not one but three staff members. I believe this is worth mentioning because you know genuine, authentic customer service when you experience it.

The dishes, once revealed, distinguish themselves by the obvious freshness of the ingredients. It seems to me to be A-grade produce all the way, the celery in the chicken and cashew simply perfect and a brilliant bright green. The fillet steak in black pepper sauce is also accompanied by vegetables including onion and broccoli which is also cooked to jewel green perfection. The generosity of the portions is very pleasing.

The fried rice is hot and freshly prepared. For my money, quite the accompaniment to the main courses.

The chicken and cashew dish is a feast for the eyes. This plate is testimony to the fact that the Royal Dynasty Restaurant is artfully preparing vegetables to grace the dishes of its customers. It is said that artistry in food preparation and garnishing is one of the hallmarks of authentic Cantonese cuisine. This plate possesses great flavour, the celery packing nutritious crunch and the cashew nuts a hero ingredient. It all compliments a very generous serving of thinly sliced, succulent chicken. The dish is a treat, just the ticket when you’ve got a big day the next day.

The fillet steak in black pepper sauce advances the deluxe quality of this entire repast. There is an extremely generous serving of perfectly cooked, melt in the mouth tender slices of the fillet steak. The broccoli proves to be a vitamin packing vehicle for the peppery sauce which is nicely warming. In general, as a takeaway dining experience, it’s all gloriously transporting. It’s evident that the team at Royal Dynasty has the moves. I’m sure one of my trusted insiders would say that the only thing that could possibly improve this repast would be eating dinner in the spa bath.

After a second helping, I am wondering how to send compliments to the Royal Dynasty Restaurant. I think the best course of action is to vote with my dollars and make a return visit, or visits. Better yet, bring others.

Whether on holiday or a business trip, there’s great food and service aplenty at the Royal Dynasty. This is the sort of food and service that brings good fortune. Ask about their parking special.

Royal Dynasty Restaurant. Shop 45-46 Circle on Cavill 3184, Surfers Paradise Boulevard Surfers Paradise. Gold Coast Queensland. Trading seven days. Lunch 11am – 3pm. Dinner 5pm – 10.30pm. Outdoor dining and gluten free menu options. Takeaway available.

Nicely Occupied rating ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Circle On Cavill Dining – Domino’s Pizza

When making your own pizza base from scratch seems like a bridge too far – today anyway – you can always change things up with a short walk to Domino’s Pizza.

On this occasion pizza for dinner was not part of the plan but it’s always a good sign when there are patrons around a restaurant and so – Domino’s it is.

Walking into the Domino’s store at Circle On Cavill is a reassuring treat partly because the aroma of pizza cooking is so hypnotic and partly because the restaurant is so scrupulously clean. Such are the hallmarks of great Airbnb experiences. On this particular day, the staff are friendly and happy to explain some of the menu, after which the choice is mini pizza with ham and cheese, add pineapple.

What impresses me about this place is the professional friendliness and lightning speediness of the staff as they are preparing the pizza.

The pizza is ready in next to no time – so swift there isn’t even time to complete one of my classes on Duolingo.

The Domino’s Pizza, once served, is fresh with a subtle sweet smokiness to the flavour that I am attributing to the talent of the chef combined with pizza sauce alchemy. On this occasion, the pizza base is deep pan as opposed to thin and crispy. You just know when your pizza is perfectly cooked.

From my perspective, I know when a pizza crust has just the right amount of resistance and crunch. Just the sort of pizza crust I do not mind sharing.

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