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La Diosa Mexicana

Of the cosmopolitan restaurants at Circle On Cavill on the Gold Coast, La Diosa Mexicana is offering generous serves of modern Mexican with super-fresh ingredients from a thoughtfully curated menu.

In reviewing this restaurant I decided to place an initial order via the online menu function. The online ordering platform was swift and easy to use. What I noticed about it initially is that there was a good selection of dishes, drinks and desserts to choose from.

It took me a while to realise that sometimes it’s the little things that matter. For instance, on this occasion, the friendly staff at La Diosa Mexicana took the time to phone and advise that the dish was ready for collection slightly ahead of time.

It’s pleasing to be able to report that the Burrito Super Bowl from La Diosa is out of this world. On this occasion, my order as it arrives is Mexican rice, house beans, fried potatoes, slaw, queso, pico de gallo, guac, edamame, corn, radish, and jalapeno. The vegetarian version of this esteemed dish includes cauliflower, chipotle mushroom and tahini. Anyone trying this dish will know once and for all and with a measurable degree of certainty that vegetarian food can be truly flavoursome. Not just flavoursome but truly filling. Nutritious? You bet, and you can take that to the bank.

The classic Mexican ingredients featured in this dish are beans and fresh corn, fresh tomato and cilantro for the pico de gallo, the latter ingredient is known in some countries as coriander. One of the stars of this dish is grilled cauliflower which is off the charts delicious. What’s more, it eats really well with the chipotle mushrooms which are meaty, pleasingly prepared and cram-packed with flavour.

Mexican cuisine is a special journey in and of itself. It is replete with clearly defined culinary regions and regional specialties. The same may be said of other nations, the culinary giants including France and Italy.

There are reports that the burrito of today has its origins in the Mesoamerican region, which is known as Mexico today. Quite amazing when you consider there are estimates this dish started emerging some 10,000 years ago. There are those who believe that it was around that time, eight centuries before Jesus Christ, that the people of the region started wrapping food in corn tortillas. What a culinary journey to the Burrito Super Bowl that may be enjoyed at La Diosa Mexicana today.

Cosmopolitan restaurant La Diosa Mexicana

Fun facts – La Diosa is Spanish for ‘goddess’. About 90 per cent of the people of Mexico are speaking Spanish as their first language. If I may borrow a turn of phrase, “Buena comida, buenos tiempos”. Great food, good times. La Diosa Mexicana!

La Diosa Mexicana. Circle On Cavill, Shop 11/3184 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. 07 5592 4343. Dine-in or takeaway. Order or book online.

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